Welcome to Called To Action !

CalledToAction.org is a communications platform that dispatches Volunteers using email, voicemail and text.

Volunteers are dispatched to respond to Actions.

Actions can range from rallies, convoys and candlelight vigils to petitions, letter writing efforts and social media campaigns - and all points in between.

First sign up as a Volunteer. Or send us a list of your Volunteers so we can upload them for you. (NOTE: The Platform has been audited for Security).

Then submit an Action for which you will require Volunteers. (The Platform can also be used to issue alerts, warnings and reminders.)

Our Admins will review and vet your Action.

Volunteers will then be selected based on their skills and location and Called To Action using email, voicemail and text.


To Volunteer as a Responder click here.

To Submit an Action click here.

To Volunteer as a Dispatcher/Admin click here.